How to make a great first impression

People form impressions of you fast, and first impressions do count.

People form impressions of you by looking at the outside and making assumptions about what’s on the inside. In fact, 90% of people form an opinion within 10 to 40 seconds after meeting you. Negative first impressions are hard to overcome. Click here for more.

You can get ahead by coming across with a winning first impression.  If you walk into a room, bouncing with energy and a smile plastered across your face, you are well on your way to creating a great first impression.

Your smile sets the stage. Your clothes, your words and your actions set everything else in motion. If you’re looking to make friends, get a job, win a promotion or motivating your peers, your smile sets the tone for what will happen next. Smiling is great for your happiness.

What are you doing to have a great smile?

Invisible braces can help you get the winning smile that you need to succeed. Reach out to us today for more information. We’re here to help you succeed.

Invisible Braces

Clear Braces

If you do not wish to have metal brackets on your front teeth, try clear braces made of transparent brackets. Different types of braces.

Invest in clear braces and create a great first impression

Types of clear braces

There are various kinds of clear braces; plastic or silicone, and others of ceramic materials such as hard porcelain. Porcelain brackets are placed in the same way as metal brackets on the front of the teeth.

Clear braces made of porcelain are white and blend in with your teeth, camouflaging your braces. Porcelain does not become discoloured, although the rubber bands used to join the orthodontic wire to the brackets must be replaced regularly as it may become discoloured from food or drinks, such as coffee, tea and wine.

Hockerill Dental offers a unique tooth straightening system designed with adults in mind. Clear braces, otherwise known as Lingual Braces, are placed in the inside surfaces of the teeth. Their orthodontists in Hertfordshire are highly trained and experienced in using Lingual braces.

Clear braces VS metal braces

Clear braces are transparent, and even the wire will blend in to the brackets, making it less noticeable. The time of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors and some treatments with transparent brackets are slightly prolonged due to the greater abrasion that is created between them and the orthodontic wire.

Treatment with transparent brackets is available at Time4Smile, and its cost is somewhat higher than treatment with regular metal brackets.